Friday, March 8, 2013

Claim a new life experience: Ever seen birds suicide in masses? Come and an see rare natural wonder: Read below for contacts and holiday trip plan.

Have you ever seen a bird commit suicide?

Welcome to Notun Leikul Village,The First Eco-Tourism Destination With Homestay In Assam

N. Leikul village sits on the foot of the high and mighty ‘Hempupet Peak’, the second highest peak in Assam (1736 mts above sea level), locally known as “Simit Bung” to the Thadou-Kuki inhabitant because of the concrete platform that once lies on top of it. The village lies at an altitude of about 800 mts, takes pride in its natural beauty manifested by the landscape dotted with perennial streams and water falls, lush green forests, rare orchids, orange and coffee gardens. The scenic village, natives in traditional dresses, rich culture, indigenous architecture and a crime free society added to the natural beauty of the village.

You can also experience a homestay with a local family (who are well trained). You can stay and share with the people their local lifestyle close to nature and culture. You can visit the nearby waterfalls, go for bird watching in the world renowned Jatinga, famous for the phenomenon of birds “committing suicide” is just 6 kms away from the ethnic village, or you can just take a walk to the coffee, tea, orange, aloe Vera Gardens. More adventurous tourist can go for a hike to simit bung with a well-trained guide and porter, which can be arrange. One can also take a tour to neighboring tribal villages of other tribes. N. Leikul is a tourist paradise with a share of interest for all ages. In addition to its natural beauty, the rare traditional cultural, dances and lifestyle of the adventurous yet loving people of the Thadou-Kuki inhabitants of this village would surely leave a lasting fond memory for rest of your life. It will be a unique adventure to experience the village and social life of the mysterious hill tribes of this beautiful land. Best time to visit is September to December, however, to avoid rush early registration is recommended. Details of accommodation and guides from the four metros i.e Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkatta to the village can be discussed with the coordinator given below.

Details contact for holiday plan:
Name: Paosem Singson
Mobile: +918011380130